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Climate change is real - so real that on March 29, 2019, Hamilton City Council declared a climate change emergency. In response to this emergency the City has developed policies, plans, strategies and a dedicated office to lead climate change adaptation and mitigation efforts. To introduce the topic of climate change in a local context, we have gathered City-produced resources and organized them according to five different themes - land, water, weather, urbanization and life. 

Paired with this examination of Hamilton-specific resources are two exhibitions that also address climate change: "To What Degree? Canada in a Changing Climate" and "Monument Trees." We invite you to explore these exhibits and engage with the accompanying resources to learn about climate change and how you can take action.

To What Degree? Canada in a Changing Climate

These are stories of change in Canada. They’re all different, AND tied together by the same thread: climate change. Some stories are hopeful, some are scary, and some are both of these things and more. While we may want to turn away, it’s more important than ever to tune in, and to explore the true and deep complexities of our experience of climate change. This exhibition is from Ingenium – Canada’s Museums of Science and Innovation.

Monument Trees

Monument Trees is the first part of a larger creative urban design and public art project, Building Conservation Networks, that identifies historic, monumental trees as key anchors in the ecological and cultural life of Hamilton. Through mapping the location of these pre-settlement trees across the city, including those at Dundurn National Historic Site and Auchmar Manor House, artist and designer Lesia Mokrycke is laying the groundwork to create an ecologically resilient city that can withstand coming changes in the climate.


Learn + Take Action

Climate change is a global issue that affects all of our communities. In this exhibit you can learn more about this issue and explore ways you can act to mitigate the impacts of climate change impacts on Hamilton. The Learn and Take Action section of this site includes learning resources for teachers, students and families.


Hamilton Civic Museums is grateful for the support and contributions of the following City of Hamilton Departments and community members and organizations:


Hamilton Public Library, Local History and Archives, Hamilton Spectator Collection

Hamilton Public Library, Local History and Archives, Blackmount Collection

Hamilton Public Library, Local History and Archives, Historical Photograph Collection

Hamilton Public Library, Local History and Archives, Postcard Collection

City Manager’s Office, Communications & Strategic Initiatives - City of Hamilton

Public Health Services Department– City of Hamilton

Corporate Asset Management Department – City of Hamilton

Planning and Economic Development Department– City of Hamilton

Public Works Department– City of Hamilton

Hamilton Street Railway – City of Hamilton

Lesia Mokrycke, TROPOS

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