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To What Degree?

Canada in a changing climate

What is this About?

These are stories of change in Canada. They're all different, AND tied together by the same thread: climate change. Some stories are hopeful, some are scary, and some are both of these things and more. While we may want to turn away, it's more important than ever to tune in, and to explore the true and deep complexities of our experience of climate change.

What can you do?
Addressing climate change is complex, non-prescriptive, and essential. Every individual, family, and community needs to determine how they can best prevent, and respond to, climate disruption. The solutions are varied and unique in different areas throughout Canada.
Why 1.5°C?
World leaders made a commitment to limit warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius. In the past few thousand years our climate has been very stable, and human civilization has developed in a very narrow range of temperatures. Increasing average temperatures above 1.5 degrees causes many other changes, some of which may be difficult or impossible to reverse.
How do we know?
Climate change is partly caused by the 'blanket' of carbon dioxide that is building up around the Earth and trapping in heat. The heat-trapping 'blanket' is thickened by burning fossil fuels like coal, oil and natural gas for our electricity and transportation needs. This blanket effect leads to warming of the planet, and the energy balance that keeps our climate stable is disrupted.

This exhibition was created in collaboration with:

Fisheries and Oceans Canada
Public Health Agency of Canada
Indigenous Services Canada
Health Canada
Transport Canada
Natural Resources Canada
Environment and Climate Change Canada
David Usher & Human Impact Lab
Canadian Geographic

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