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John ‘Snitz’ Brodnicki started his Brightside Press printing company in 1957 in a shed behind his family’s home at 56 Lancaster.  During the demolition of his house a bulldozer simply buried one of his printing presses rather than save it. It remains buried on that site to this day. 

Listen: The Buried Press. Click the play circle below. 

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Speaker 1:    

What are my presses. 

I left, I left one of my presses at 56 Lancaster... 

Speaker 2:    

Printing press. 

Speaker 1:    

… a printing press. 

Oh yeah. 

Speaker 2:    

Gawd, I remember his printing press. 

Speaker 1:    

Anyway, a long story short, when my house was getting knocked down, eh, I got a call from Shine. 

He says you better get down here because they’re about to knock your house down. 

So, by the time I got down there the bulldozer had already covered in the joint. 

They didn’t save anything. 

They just buried it. 

So, my press is actually there today. 

If you went there, you could find it. 

My press is actually buried in the rubble. 

Speaker 3:    

Go dig it out. 

Speaker 1:    

I might do that someday.  


Speaker 1:    

I’ve done silly things before. 

Speaker 2:    


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