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Dr. Victor Cecilioni

Dr. Victor Cecilioni, who once lived at 946 Burlington Street, was a well-loved figure for the care and support he provided to workers and their families. He helped bring many Brightsiders into the world, ministering to home births. His ground-breaking research linked factory work, air quality, and illness rates; it made crucial contributions to the long struggle for workers’ rights and quality of life. An Environmentalist of the Year award is given out each year by Conserver Society of Hamilton and District to honour his name and his environmental legacy.   

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Speaker 1:    

He found out what was the trouble. 

The trouble was the bricks.  

They were handling the bricks all the time and this stuff comes from the bricks, you get congestion in here [points to his chest]. 

And they thought it was TB. 

But it wasn’t. 

Dr. Cecilioni found out what it was. 

He saved so many lives. 

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Speaker 1:    

When you were born, were you born on the kitchen table, or did you go to the hospital? 


Speaker 2:    

We never seen the hospital. 

Speaker 1:    


Speaker 1:    

You never saw the hospital, right? 

Right on the kitchen table? 

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