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Grocers and Confectioners

Over the years Brightside’s Burlington Street had many small local grocers and confectioners whose businesses were household names - Camiletti’s (at 924), Labenski’s (at 927), Fardella’s (at 941), Krzyzanowski’s (at 943), Usar’s (at 946), Panek’s (at 963), and Markowski’s (at 512 Gage at Burlington).  

Listen: Radio Spoof - Local Merchants. Click the play circle below.

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Speaker 1:    

Ladies and gentlemen. 

Before we leave the halls of the Blue Danube… 

I encourage all of us to patronize Brightside’s thriving businesses,  

Which include the Bay Block Company, who guarantees it cement blocks won’t crack or crumble for at least a month after installation, 

Usars Variety Store, who calcifies all the milk for their milkshakes, 

Mrs Rubick’s Deli,  

Panek’s Groceries,  

Labenski’s Variety specializing in two cent bread bags,  

Camiletti’s Grocer and Butcher Shop, which offers everyone a free line of credit in their black book,  

Markowski Variety and backroom bootlegging premises, 

Rainbow Lunch’s Card Game Emporium, 

Also, Marco Petkoff’s Barbershop and Bootlegging Establishment, where you have a choice of a shot of whiskey or a beer with every brush cut, 

Americo Yachetti’s Garage, that can repair any car engine with a screwdriver and a piece of wire, 

Lino Trigatti’s Blacksmith Consultancy,  

The law offices of Leonard Panek, Roger Yachetti, and Mario Bartolinni, whose business card slogan is ‘do the crime, but not the time,’ 

And, finally for all those readers that were smart enough to get past Grade 5 at Holy Rosary, the latest best-selling book by Brightside author Ernie Hemmingway Palango, the title of his latest bestseller is, How to Start Fights and Influence People 

The book can be purchased at any but Brightside variety store. 

With our theme song of Brightside Was When, in the background, and featuring the singing voice of own Mary Palini,  

We once again through the facilities of the Brightside Broadcasting System, and the BBS Radio Network whose supply source generates from the satellite antenna, 

Which is located and is basically a close wire hanger that is attached to the lightning rod located on top of the barn at Zasada’s farm in suburban Brightside. 

Till next Saturday, good night from Brightside Ontario Canada. 

Good night! 

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